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A diagram of fielding positions

submitted by Robert Carter.

18 March 1998

Robert Carter wrote to as follows

"As a frustrated American trying to learn this fascinating game from across the pond, I became frustrated in trying to figure out the fielding positions from the descriptions given in your ball-by-ball reports, as well as on those wonderful radio broadcasts from the BBC that you and Jagged Internetworks have provided for those of us here in America whose shortwave service is poor.

I have tried to figure the fieldsmen out from the "ASCII graphics" diagrams but found these to be tedious. So one night when I actually had some extra time, I fired up a graphics program (er, "programme") and created a map of the field with the positions indicated by name instead of number or letter -- at least, as best as I could figure them out from what I have learned. Thank you for providing this web site, and attracting me to this great game which I hope to see in person one day, in the way in which the Creator intended -- a test match at Lord's."

Here is his diagram (a 12 K GIF)

Source: submitted by Robert Carter.

Contributed by CricInfo Management

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