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  • Wasim, Salim, Ijaz exonerated   August 21 (Samiul Hasan ) Karachi, Aug 20: The federal government has shelved plans to investigate allegations through the judicial commission that Pakistan cricket team threw matches in the World Cup. The Ministry of Sports and Culture had requested the judicial commission to include World Cup in its probe through a notification on Aug 16. [more...]

  • Justice Qayyum summons entire World Cup team   August 18 (The Dawn ) Karachi, Aug 17: The judicial commission has summoned the entire 15-man World Cup squad to appear before it in the Aug 23 hearing, an official said. Abdus Salam Khawar, Registrar of the Lahore High Court (LHC), told Dawn from the Punjab metropolis that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has been instructed to inform the players of Justice Malik Mohammad Qayyum's order. [more...]

  • Free time to think is a wonderful thing   August 17 (Colin Croft ) Okay, boys and girls, I am finally back. I doubt that I was really missed, but one could only be so full of oneself, so I choose to believe that you actually missed my articles over the last month or so. I can say that my ``holidays,'' such as they were, were very enjoyable, if tiring, if one could call spending money one does not have, in Florida and New York, and driving all of 4300 miles in 28 days, with kids, enjoyable. Actually, it was great! I had a ball! More on that another time. [more...]

  • This razakar-ism must stop   August 3 (Nizamuddin Ahmed ) Stop unfair aspersion on our valiant cricketers Intrigued though we were by ECB's stratagem to make the two weaker Group B teams New Zealand and Bangladesh --- play against a UK side on its home ground, the significance of beating the Scots had been drummed up since before departing Dhaka. Cricket often resembling the enigma of contract bridge, manager Tanveer Muzhar had opted to pass his call even before setting foot on the game's motherland. No one was ready to believe him, perhaps not even he, when he went on record that Bangladesh would not win a single match in the World Cup. [more...]

  • The day the adjectives ran out for Sri Lanka   August 3 (Gareth Jayawardene ) The opening game of the 1999 World Cup between Sri Lanka and England was played on the 14th of May. In terms of Numerology, the date 14.4.1999 is ``day 2'' (14+5+1+9+9+9 = 47. 4+7 = 11, 1+1 = 2. On ``day 2'' it is virtually impossible to beat a country influenced by the 3rd Planet, Uranus. England, like Australia is influenced by the 3rd Planet. As stated in my earlier article, the 6th digit strongly favour countries under Uranus and this was evident in the match between Sri Lanka and England. [more...]

  • Some observations on Sri Lanka's World Cup failure   July 23 (Herby Jayasuriya ) The World Cup is now over. There has been a great deal of criticism against the Sri Lanka cricket team that played in this cup. Some individuals have completely slated the manner in which the side was selected. Some have criticised the way that the Sri Lankan cricketers performed in England. I do not think there were any articles that were written which gave any respite to our cricketers. [more...]

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