Coaching Cricket What does it take - to play the perfect shot, swing the ball, captain a side, stop a speeding ball, stump the wickets?
Get coached online on every aspect of the game by the world's best cricketers only at the Virtual Cricket Camp. Wiith amazing videos, audio, pictures and techniques explained you'd be the next Bradman!

Wicket Keeping

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"Captaining an international team is a very difficult job"

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Deep Dasgupta
Spotlight:Desmond Haynes analyses further on the side-on & chest-on positions.
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Everything you wanted to learn about batting but didn't know whom to ask. From grip, stance and backlift to the execution of aom grip, stance and backlift to the execution of all the strokes in the game...and interviews with your favourite batsmen too. [more]

Deep Dasgupta 100 against England: Temperament is the key

Chaminda Vaas
Spotlight:Donald talks about his attitude in the field. And with respect to verbal exchanges in the field, he thinks there is a lot to learn from the Aussies.
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Do you admire the strength, aggression and lightning speed of fast bowlers? Or do you prefer the cunning, subtlety and deception of spinners? Either way, you've come to the right place for these pages are a treasure trove on the art of bowling. [more]

Chaminda Vaas with a world record analysis (8/19) against Zimbabwe: Impeccable control

Spotlight: Dale Benkenstein's presentation on Fielding
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The sight of Jonty Rhodes slithering across the field and throwing down the wickets in predatory fashion can set hearts aflutter. Behind every lithe movement of Rhodes' frame lie basics that can be learnt. Spectacular fielders may sometimes be born but they can also be made. Discover how in the following pages. [more]

Spotlight: Bob Taylor's Presentation on wicket keeping
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Keeping wickets is one of the most demanding jobs in the game, where praise is sparing and criticism swift. But it's also one of the most rewarding assignments because keepers can gain an encyclopaedic knowledge of the game by watching every delivery at such close quarters. Are you a budding wicket keeper? Look no further than here. [more]

Spotlight: John Reid talks about his Captaincy

Captaining a side is a great honour but it's also a great burden. Only a select few cope with the pressures that accompany the job at the highest level. If you're willing to take on the challenge, this is just the right place for you. Discover the qualities that go into the making of a good captain and listen to personal reminiscences from the masters themselves. [more]