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USACA's Five Year PLAN

The United States of America Cricket Association announced on its official Web Site on January 17, 2002 that it had submitted its 5 Year Strategic Plan to the ICC, CCAM and WICB on January 15. It expects this document to be "the road map for cricket development in the United States of America over the next five years (2002-2006)".

The Final Document is to be published on the Web, and distributed in the next few weeks, according to USACA. Meanwhile, here is the Summary of the Operational Plan that was submitted with the 5 Year Strategic Plan-- CRICINFO-USA will comment editorially on the Plan in the coming weeks.
-- Deb K. Das, USA Coordinator, CRICINFO.

"During the period 2002-2006 USACA intends to develop a very viable cricket infrastructure in America. The United States of America Cricket Association will spearhead cricket promotions throughout the length and breadth of this country.

"Among the many carefully derived objectives, is the implementation of a multiphase program leading to the development of the USA National Cricket Team to qualify for the 2007 World Cup in the West Indies.

"An integral part of this plan is to:

1) "Identify the top 25 players in the country through Inter-Regional competitions
2) Appoint a National Coach
3) Organize Annual Training Camps
4) Arrange for the National Team to participate in selected International Competitions
5) Prepare National Team for:
a) Americas Regional Championship 2002, 2004, 2006
b) ICC World Series Competition 2004
c) ICC Trophy 2005
6) Host at least two visits by Full Members 'A' teams.

Part of the USACA's plan is to increase the number of participants from 10,000 to 50 000. In order to do this, the USACA plans to execute a well defined multi-facet campaign at various levels throughout the USA, utilizing:

a) Schools cricket program and PE teachers training programs
b) Junior cricket leagues and coaching programs
c) Inter school, inter league and National Competitions
d) Promotions & advertisements
e) Expanding the geography of cricket

"Already WICB and CCAM have offered to provide us certified umpires to conduct training and umpires' seminars at various locations here in the USA.

"USACA has started the process of setting up a National Umbrella Organization for all umpires in the USA.

"Maximum efforts and available resources will be directed to standardize Rules for competitions, recruitment and training of Coaches, Umpires and Scorers, to gradually raise the standards to International levels, in a phased development program.

"Skillful recruitment of coaches shall also assist in the execution of comprehensive and perpetual educational and promotional programs.

"USACA shall soon have its well-deserved Head-Office staffed with highly qualified and competent professionals.

"Cricket Administration in The United States of America shall adopt state of the art technology to attain optimum results from the implementation of its strategic plan for the period until 2006.

"This period shall witness unprecedented increase in all forms of cricket attributes and materials. Electronic Media shall provide tremendous advantage in promoting cricket through website, newsletters, newspapers etc,

"USACA visualizes great opportunities in hosting tournaments with the participation of top quality cricketers.

"USACA's aggressive promotions and advertising campaign shall include:

a) Festival Cricket games involving International Cricketers
b) Community Cricket Day
c) Women's cricket
d) Promotions through electronic, print, television and other media
e) Distribution of informational materials such as brochures, Video tapes etc.

"Generally, financing remains as the crucial element for achieving the objectives and goals of the 5-Year Strategic Plan that USACA formulated for itself. While meaningful negotiations and discussions shall persevere with businesses and local, city, state and federal government officials to identify sponsorship and other forms of funding, the initial assistance from leading International cricketing bodies shall be the major source of hope to provide survival kits at this crucial juncture in the development of cricket and cricket relations in the United States of America."

Date-stamped :17 Jan 2002 - 20:52