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Rhodesian first-class cricket in 1957/58

Captain: David Lewis

Although there was no Currie Cup competition due to the visit of the Australians, the provinces did organise a number of friendly matches among themselves to avoid another almost barren summer. Rhodesia began by playing two matches against the Australians, losing both by large margins. The all-rounders Richie Benaud and Alan Davidson took particularly heavy toll of the home side, but Paul Winslow enjoyed a magnificent batting double at Salisbury -- the only time he was ever to shine with the bat for Rhodesia in first-class cricket. For the first time, first-class cricket was played on the Police Ground in Salisbury. These were followed up with four friendlies against South African provinces.

The Rhodesians held their own against Natal in a match at home spoilt by rain, and then went on a three-match tour. Percy Mansell, among others, was not available for the tour, but the selectors took the opportunity to blood some youngsters, including Ray Gripper and Rob Ullyett. In view of their depleted team, it was a major achievement to win all three matches, but it probably showed as well what the players could do when they were not under the stress of playing Currie Cup.

Thanks to his performance against the Australians in Salisbury, Winslow finished top of the season's batting, with 386 runs (average 35.09). Chris Duckworth followed him with 272 runs at 27.20 and David Pithey, able only to play in the three games on tour due to his studies at the University of Cape Town, 230 runs at 76.66.

Godfrey Lawrence, unassisted by Joe Partridge this season, finished top of the bowling, his 23 wickets costing 19.08. David Pithey took 19 at 13.68 and Rob Ullyett, very much an all-rounder in his early days, 15 at 12.86.

At Police Ground, Salisbury; 25, 26, 28, 29 October. RHODESIA 210 (C A R Duckworth 52, P L Winslow 81; J Drennan 5/53) and 296 (D O'Connell-Jones 32, C A R Duckworth 30, D J Lewis 35, P L Winslow 139; R Benaud 6/93). AUSTRALIANS 520/6 dec (K D Mackay 54, I D Craig 113, P J Burge 35, R B Simpson 41, R Benaud 117*, A K Davidson 100*; J M Lee 3/90). Australians won by an innings and 14 runs.

At Queens Sports Club; 1, 2, 4 November. AUSTRALIANS 292 (J W Burke 106, I D Craig 100; G B Lawrence 6/83, J M Lee 4/84) and 1/0. RHODESIA 126 (P L Winslow 40; A K Davidson 5/36, R Benaud 3/20) and 166 (J H Ward 31, P N F Mansell 50*; R Benaud 3/77). Australians won by ten wickets.

At Police Ground, Salisbury; 7, 8, 9 December. RHODESIA 182 (J H Ward 49, P N F Mansell 30, R B Ullyett 30; V I Smith 3/34, J C Watkins 5/37) and 117/2 (J H Ward 69*, P L Winslow 43*). NATAL 197/9 dec (D J McGlew 61, T L Goddard 45, L B Koch 39; G B Lawrence 3/42, P N F Mansell 5/49). Match drawn -- rain.

At Port Elizabeth; 26, 27, 28 December. RHODESIA 186 (D J Lewis 43, C A R Duckworth 71; J G Ferrant 3/39) and 183/9 dec (A J Pithey 34, D B Pithey 77; J G Ferrant 6/45). EASTERN PROVINCE 117 (D G Varnals 44; D B Pithey 4/16) and 156 (G F Dakin 44, R L Capell 32; R B Ullyett 3/18, D B Pithey 3/65). Rhodesia won by 96 runs.

At Bloemfontein; 1, 2, 3 January. ORANGE FREE STATE 159 (D J Drake 40; R B Ullyett 3/44, D B Pithey 6/58) and 167 (J S Fox 35, S L Hanson 56; G B Lawrence 3/32, D B Pithey 4/76). RHODESIA 239/6 dec (A J Pithey 59, C A R Duckworth 41, P L Winslow 36, D B Pithey 40*, R B Ullyett 40) and 91/7 (J S Fox 3/17). Rhodesia won by three wickets.

At Benoni; 4, 6, 7 January. NORTH-EASTERN TRANSVAAL 95 (G B Lawrence 4/45, R W Coventry 4/21) and 137 (A McBride 32, J H Richardson 38; R B Ullyett 7/42). RHODESIA 255 (R A Gripper 37, D B Pithey 99*,

R B Ullyett 50; J T Botten 5/97, D R Player 3/59). Rhodesia won by an innings and 23 runs.


It is intended in the future to produce full scorecards, and also much more information about all cricket in Rhodesia during this season. At present, the next entry in this section is for 1958/59


Date-stamped : 11 Oct1998 - 10:36